Austin Real Estate Experts

Austin Real Estate Experts have a team of Personal Home Consultants to simplify essential home connections for their clients* new homes.

Internet, streaming TV or cable, water, gas, electric, trash, security, home automation..

Your client selects, and they connect.
*Service not available for investor short term connections
All providers and promotions, and pricing available!

#1) Register buyers for service 2-3 weeks ahead of closing.
#2) A dedicated personal consultant will be in touch with them within 24 business hours to offer our services.

#3) You will receive email confirmation when the address has been set for connections!

Changes to move in date? No problem! The dedicated personal consultant will handle it all.

QUESTIONS? Call or text Robin Stevens, Account Manager at 512-535-7105 for

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Did You Know?

The average "wait time" customers spend on hold with their provider to establish service is over 20 minutes!

Who has time for that when they're moving?!?

A connection call with 360 Home Connect usually lasts about 10-15 minutes and covers all your home service and utility needs.

Skip the long call ques, and register your new home to have the professionals do it all for them, for FREE!

Because when when you're on the move, you're also on the go.